Why did the sales guy cross the street?

Because he’d left his CRM on the other side.

Field sales guys hear a lot about CRM from the get-go, so why aren’t they taking it on the road with them, outside of the company walls?

It starts at the very beginning. For many sales reps, their first contact with the company CRM system happens during the onboarding process. This is in addition to that welcoming basket of goodies, a map of the company headquarters, mission statement, and a sheaf of product descriptions. But even if there is no group onboarding experience, the new employee will usually get an introduction to the CRM system, with its range of individual company peculiarities, during the first weeks and months on the job. That is the good news.

Time with the CRM system can add up for the new sales staff – but it is not likely to be very effective. According to an Accenture study, just 13% of sales staff are using the full capabilities of these tools and only 15% would say they are very effective. That said, three quarters of sales reps know that these tools are an integral part of the sales process, but more than half still think they are more of an obstacle than a facilitator in the sales process. The study goes on to state the obvious fact: Tools will be used only if they are relevant and simple to use.

The issue is even more dire when it comes to outside sales or field marketing reps. Many CRM systems are designed from the office workers’ perspective, at least when it comes to pulling out data insights. Outside sales or field marketing staff can find this especially problematic. They just don’t have the time to sit at their desk or at the home office and figure things out. They need to be out meeting customers as much as possible. All time with the CRM system keeps them away from this primary task of sales and is cutting into their income.

There is a clear paradox. The CRM system, at least SAP Sales Cloud, has a phenomenal amount of data on customers and clients. However, it is not structured for sales staff on the road as it’s not going to help them find these customers on a map. On the other side, the typical trip or tour planning tool might do a great job of charting out the most efficient path between customers A, B, and C – but not be good at all at identifying opportunities or sorting customers by corporate objectives. How is a tour planning tool supposed to identify customers participating in that ice cream promotion or with annual revenue above $100,000?

Field sales guys, those individuals working outside of the company walls, really need to have both solutions as close at hand as their laptop or smartphone. They need to identify top prospects and map out the road to their door.

This is precisely the niche that maiTour fills. In addition to helping sales guys chart out their working day with mapped out meetings, it also helps them harness the existing SAP data on customer preferences to identify the most promising leads and prospects. After all, a good tool such as maiTour will only be used when it is both relevant and easy to use.

You may book a demo for maiTour by clicking this link.

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