Whose cards are you holding?

When it comes to poker and business, there are different motivations for holding close to those cards.  After all, Kenny Rogers in his blockbuster hit song The Gambler never once mentioned data entry, CRM, or SAP C/4HANA. Or maybe that’s why he sang why it’s important to ”you’ve got to know when to hold them, know when to fold them.

With poker, you hope for the best and biggest combination of cards – and practice a poker-face to bluff your way into a better situation. While the specific game rules vary, the cards you have are used for the specific game being played at that moment – they won’t help your chances next week.

Can you ace those cards?
With business cards, they are a traditional way to give out contact information: It’s printed right there on fine-quality card stock. We need them not just to remember the guy’s name across from us, but this information is essential for building out the sales funnel, our future dealings and interactions.

Cards are not just paper as technological innovations do arise from time-to-time. Who remembers the business card CD? And what about the first QR codes on cards? That was a geeky thing ten years ago. And now we also have conference badges to deal with.
With cards, it’s easier to give than to receive
In general, cards are an easy way to give out information, but not the easiest way to receive it. Not only do you have to negotiate the proper reception etiquette, you need to figure out how to organize/store/utilize this information. And what could be an individual and organizational gold mine too often becomes a stack of cards.

So what are you going to do about it?
At maihiro products, we designed maiCatch, the business card scanner that transforms dusty cards into valuable data within your SAP C/4HANA system. Just select the contact type and scan. And if this contact is already in your system, maiCatch will help you update the details or weed out duplicates by “knowin’ what to throw away, knowin’ what to keep.”

maiCatch is for much more than just paper business cards. As a simple-to-operate SAP AddOn, it also takes care of adding email signatures, QR codes, pictures, videos into your contact funnel. As Kenny would have sung, “there’ll be time enough for scanning, when the meeting’s done.”

Click here to read more about maiCatch and get started on your free trial today.

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