The thrill of victory, the agony of CRM (featuring Salesman Sam)

Ever wonder why sales teams are not in general, big fans of CRM system?

When it comes to the thrill of a new sales job, CRM is not even in Salesman Sam’s Top 10. It’s probably not on his list at all.
There is a reason for that.
The operational division at many companies has the CRM people staying in the office, putting mystical spells into the database, and the field sales going out to do battle and make sales.
That second group, which includes Sam, often dislikes the office because this is associated with meetings, making reports, and loss of facetime with potential customers. It’s a money loser – even if the coffee is free.
That’s a problem.
The CRM solution is supposed to be a money maker also. At least a deal enabler. But it is safely locked away at the office, far away from the mobile needs of the outside sales team and people like Sam. So what can a company do?
We think companies should be thinking as much about the CRM needs of Sam as they do in kitting him out with the usual sales tools of car, phone, and laptop. After all, they are already paying for recording and accumulating customer data in their CRM solution. Why not transform those data points in their SAP Sales Cloud into a roadmap for greater sales. It might even accelerate Sam’s onboarding process by giving him a way to sort out customer accounts more quickly and intelligently.
Speaking of which, now is probably a good time to meet Sam and take a look at his first day at the new job…

So, there you have it. With maiTour AddOn for SAP Sales Cloud, Sam identifies his highest value customers – and maps out the most efficient path to their front door. Want to be like Sam? Check out maiTour here.

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