SAP and Outlook Walk Into a Venn Diagram...

So yes, if your SAP and Outlook were placed in a Venn diagram, where would your calendar data be?

Theoretically, your calendar should be at the intersection of the two major circles as some of the scheduling data is in Outlook and some is in the SAP solution.

But that is just theory. In practice, the data in one business solution might be siloed and not available to the other solution’s data silo. This translates into wasted time spent copying information from one side to the other.

Lots of time.

We calculate that the average employee can well spend over 18 hours a month moving data between silos and controlling these processes. The very top time waster is with Microsoft Outlook, with an average employee spending 10 hours a month moving email data between Outlook and their SAP solution. Next on the time-waster list are the 6.4 hours spent on data maintenance and monitoring middleware. Then there there is the additional time spent synchronizing tasks, visits, and contacts.

Lots of opportunities to use time in a less than optimal way.

Then there is best practice. With maiConnect , our AddOn for SAP, your data is squarely at the intersection between the Outlook and SAP circles. Here, data from the business solution on one side is automatically synched with the other — all without needing to specify or restrict what solution it was created in.

This saves time, speeds up the flow of information, and reduces stress. Even better, it does not matter if you are running SAP either in the cloud or on premise. Either way, we’ve got you covered and in sync.

For more information or a demo, click here now.

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