Priorities Matter

It’s not enough to chart out the shortest path between multiple appointments – although some tour planners even have a hard time with that.

“You have targets in a constant, dynamic Brownian motion and you need a route planner that uses your priorities – and those of the company – to identify the optimal  targets,” says Daniel Popa, Head of Products and Innovation at maihiro products. “This has to be done well before calculating the shortest distances between clients.  

If company priorities change, a sales rep covering the exact same area with the exact same customer list should have a dramatically different daily plan. Just think of the difference between a trip where the goal is to chase unpaid invoices versus visits to support a marketing campaign. The difference is not accidental – there should be a significant difference between these potential trips.

These are serious priorities –not like a preference for coffee versus tea versus cola. They are based on details and data points usually buried deep within SAP Sales Cloud. They include information on accounts receivable, revenue, promotions, and the frequency and dates of previous sales visits. 

Identifying and clarifying these priorities is a critical step in the route planning process. maiTour lets users set up a number of priorities at the beginning of the route planning process. In addition, users establish the prioritization logic, deciding which categories are more important and should be more heavily weighed when identifying targets and building out the daily schedule.

If your planner does not know your priorities, it can’t guide you successfully – even if it reduces the miles travelled.  

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