Is your S/4HANA in the cold and out of sync? Get it connected with Outlook.

We all dream of synchronicity – data, that is. No matter what platform, whatever device – your data is just there.  “The dream we’re talking about is real-time bi-directional synchronicity … where you have automatic synchronization of appointments, tasks and phone calls between business platforms,” says Ulrich Winter, head of software development at maihiro products

In the business world, two of the big names on this theme are Microsoft and SAP. After all, who doesn’t use Outlook email? And quite honestly, SAP services are almost as ubiquitous.

There are quite a few companies using both. If you were to do a Venn Diagram of each platform’s functionalities, the overlap is at the calendar level – not at the email or CRM level.  Yes, at that daily calendar where we make appointments, place contact details, and coordinate events.

A logical step would be for these two platforms could figure out how to get their activities in sync. SAP does not make it easy either. For a full Enterprise License of the SAP Sales Cloud (once known as Business One) syncing between Outlook and this SAP solution is part of the package.

“I remember a call with a customer, where I told them what they have in their SAP license … and they did not know,” points out Winter.

For other users of SAP services — variants of the SAP Sales Cloud or CRM – there are ways to be in sync. SAP has its own product and there is maiConnect, our SAP approved AddOn. It comes in two flavors covering your synchronicity needs either in the Cloud or on the company premises.   

And what if your company’s running SAP S/4HANA? Help is on the way: A new maiConnect variant is being finalized now that will bring bi-directional data synchronicity for companies using SAP S/4HANA along with Outlook, making it easier to keep those appointments, phone calls, and tasks up-to-date and organized in your calendar — and, it will do this in real time.

For more information, make sure to subscribe to maiConnect S4…Because you really deserve to know what we have in store for you in Q3, 2020.

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