Dealing with business cards

It is better to give than to receive – at least when it comes to business cards. The behavioral processes for giving out those cards are far more advanced than those for keeping track of them.

1. Don’t be over eager to hand out that card.
2. Keep your card in a case, not your pocket
3. Hold the card with both hands
4. Present the card angled toward the recipient so they can read it.

That is just the top four on a short list. The process is more ambiguous when receiving a card – especially when it comes to how to best utilize this card to best nurture a fast, effective, and valuable connection to that new contact.

Should those business cards be organized by name, theme, or place? Should they be neatly banded or inserted into card-holder books? How do I keep track of job and address changes? Isn’t there a technical solution for this?

Well yes, there is.

Digitalizing those paper bits is not the real problem. There are lots of scanning apps for that. The real issues revolve around how to move quickly and accurately move this data into a CRM system – and then make this database open enough to hold notes and photos from day-to-day activities. You know, the paper and digital flotsam that accumulates around us – and holds a lot of important data.

That’s why there is maiCatch. As an AddOn for the SAP Sales Cloud, maiCatch goes beyond just scanning data to having easily customized data fields, direct integration into SAP Sales Cloud, and the ability to enrich those contact details in SAP C/4HANA over time with extras like voice memos or video clips.

For more information on how maiCatch can help you better deal with business cards, sign up for a free trial today!

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