Becomes The New Home For SAP CX and SAP S/4HANA AddOns.

Uniting Customer Experience Under One Roof!

We’ve expanded our coverage of customer experience to include enterpriselevel issues in a broader range. This is a significant, although natural, evolution from our previous focus on the SAP CX world

Look out for the split 
Our new website has a cross-ecosystem-based split that makes a clear distinction between SAP CX and SAP S/4HANA products. With this split, we’ve made it easier to showcase our end-to-end process optimization AddOns – and do it without fragmenting our products across individual websites.  

Widen your perspective
In the near term, the new website shows we are widening our perspective from SAP Sales Cloud users to larger enterprises with S/4HANA. In the medium term, it is also part of our effort to expand our focus to broader digital transformation issues for companies, regardless of the ecosystem they are currently working in. This bigger perspective has been part of the push forward we have gotten as a result of joining the Nagarro ES family.  

What is Customer Experience anyway?  

It is hard to give – or get – a cohesive definition of the customer experience. Is it about what customers think about your brand during their customer journey? Is this the interaction between an organization and its various components as they deliver value to the customer?  

Good question.  

Because these definitions differ so dramatically, it is critical to not be so precise that you lose sight of the forest for the trees. After all, whether an individual is running invoice4HANA in the back office with S/4HANA or a sales rep in the field is mapping out their daily activities with maiTour, both are customers and are a part of the customer experience. Regardless of the definition, they are happier to spend less time shuffling paper and more time with value-added tasks.  

CX is about value 

Enhancing the CX is really about value, not the specific place in the organization hierarchy or ecosystem your company is working with. With this new website, we are making it easier and faster for people to better enhance their CX. 

Sharing is CARING.

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