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A picture might be worth a thousand words, but what if it contains a thousand words?

Nobody wants to transcribe the details from business cards or old documents so that the contents can be used. Even when these images contain essential contact and business details – it still is a boring, pedantic task.

That’s why we convert images into text. And with the maiCatch API – you can do it for free.

maiCatch API

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Pull out the text

The maiCatch API pulls out the text from images in a variety of formats (BMP, GIF, JPG, PDF, or TIFF). In addition, the API distinguishes between over ten European and Asian languages and automatically captures those critical distinctions such as the French Cedilla or the German ö. You get the text in a highly usable structured JSON text file.

Define it your way

Take the pain out of repetitive scanning tasks. Our API can distinguish between names, email addresses, and phone numbers in images – and enables data capture fields to be easily customized according to your need. You define the field, we populate it, then send you the file.

Integrate into SAP

Automate contact management for your SAP Cloud. By moving data from business cards, emails, and conference badges directly into your C/4HANA, you save time that otherwise might have been misspent with manual data entry.

Life changes and so do contact details. Update and enrich those contact details in your SAP Sales Cloud with supplementary details like voice memos or video clips.

*Features in our full-featured maiCatch AddOn for SAP Sales Cloud.

How it works

Simple to use.
Perfect for all your needs.

The maiCatch API lets you submit an image and get back the text in a JSON file. This isn’t just a lump of text either. After scanning the image with our OCR and a few other technologies, we’re able to recognize some important language details and data types such as phone numbers, email addresses, and names. You get back a highly structured JSON file with the text into specific categories.


Step 1 - Submit the picture

Send your desired image to the URL. The image can be in a number of formats such BMP, GIF, JPG, PDF, or TIFF. It’s really your choice.


Step 2 - maiCatch goes to work

Your image is scanned using OCR and other technologies for language specific features and analyzed. This process identifies over ten European and Asian languages, even recognizing specific features such as the French Cedilla or the German ö.


Step 3 - Ta da! You've got your text

You get a text in highly structured JSON format where the data types – first and last name, phone number, and email address – are in separate slots for easier processing.

Other Use Cases

Although we built our API primarily to scan business cards, we believe that’s just the start of its potential use.  What kind of “text on paper” digitalization needs do you have?

Business cards

Send pictures of business cards to the maiCatch API, converting stacks of paper contacts into usable digital content.

SAP helper

Scan business cards and save directly into SAP Sales Cloud. Our API is directly integrated with SAP, speeding up the contact acquisition and digitalization process.

More usable notes

Take those on-the-go notes and photos and convert them into text files that can be easily saved and organized.

Invoice harmonization

Extract invoice details into digital text, even if the invoices were originally scanned in different formats.


Revive the past without having to transcribe or rewrite old articles when they can be scanned and converted into text.

Event Management

Quickly record badges and contact details from event participants and add these details into a CRM system

Ready to take it for a spin?

Test out our super cool API here!

The API here is a REST interface that allows other programs – like those on your computer — to send pictures such as an image of a business card to our servers and receive this back converted into a text file with the data categorized into specific fields.

* To protect your data privacy, we don’t save either the image or the JSON file. We receive, process, and don’t remember.  : )

Upload your photo here

Uploaded Photo

your image

Extracted & Mapped Data

Personal Data:
PrefixFirst NameMiddle NameLast Name
SuffixJob TitleGender
NameName 2
StreetHouse NumberStreet 2Post Box Address
Post Box CodePost CodeCityProvince

Country Code
Phone 1Phone 2MobileFax
Unrecognized values:

    Extracted & Mapped Data

    Personal Data:
    • Prefix: Test
    • First Name:
    • Middle Name:
    • Last Name:
    • Suffix:
    • Job Title:
    • Gender:
    • Name:
    • Name 2:
    • Street:
    • House Number:
    • Street 2:
    • Post Box Address:
    • Post Box Code:
    • Post Code:
    • City:
    • Province:
    • Country Code:
    • Phone 1:
    • Phone 2:
    • Mobile:
    • Fax:
    • Email:
    • Website:
    Unrecognized values:

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      The scan-to-text capabilities seen here are just a teaser. The full-fledged maiCatch provides even more. As an AddOn for the SAP Sales Cloud, maiCatch makes it easier to catch contact details and seamlessly transfer this data into the SAP Sales Cloud’s C/4HANA.

      After all, if we don’t catch these details – you’ll have to do it. And that will take a lot more time then just filling out our form.

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