Can SAP and Outlook behave in the sandbox?

The relationship between SAP and Microsoft Outlook is not exactly harmonic but certainly isn’t an open conflict either. They just have difficulties understanding each other and that is a problem.

It’s a problem particularly at the end-user level – for people like you. You need SAP and Outlook – as two business platforms that are used daily – to just play nice. They should be able to work together easily, almost automatically, and to do it in realtime. If wishes were fishes, the data should just flow between that SAP solution and Outlook. This would put emails within reach of SAP, tasks accessible to Outlook, and an open calendar for both.

It would be like a dream sandbox where toys can pass from one child to another without sand getting kicked into the eyes and hair.

But they aren’t playing together easily. A quick web search for “Outlook, integration, SAP” brings up about 25 million results on the ways Outlook and SAP can move ahead with their data integration. A quick look shows that these fall into three major groups – SAP, Microsoft, and a legion of consultancies which would be happy to advise on this process. Diving into the texts puts the reader at risk of drowning in a sea an alphabet soup of abbreviations and other terms such as interoperability, scalable, and functionalities.

But we know it is possible – and we make it happen with our maiConnect AddOn. We’ve even figured out how to do this with three SAP flavors – SAP Sales Cloud, the on-premise SAP CRM, and SAP S/4HANA.

Having bi-directional data synchronicity between SAP and Outlook should not be a rarity. After all, more than one child can play in a sandbox. And you should be able to play with more than one business platform at a time.

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